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Obelisk of the City of Buenos Aires. July 9 Ave. 


The aim of the project is to design two teaching modules on Argentine music, one for K-12 teachers and another one for K-12 music teachers. The open-access of these modules will provide teachers who want to incorporate elements of Latin American cultures in their curriculum with the materials and resources they need to develop lessons on Argentine music. 

We will discuss the value of the diversity and inclusion of music from other cultures to multiply artistic musical discourses. 

This project was completed with support from The Center of Latin American Studies (CLAS) Curriculum Development Grant at The Ohio State University. CLAS seeks proposals for Curriculum Development Grants, which are available to any Ohio State faculty affiliate who wishes to apply for funding to create new courses at Ohio State with an emphasis on Latin America, or design curricular modules to be used as a resource for K12 students or for instructors at the K12 or community college level.

For more information, news and activities visit the website: 

Arkiplus. (2021). Obelisco de Buenos Aires. [Photograph].

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